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All in on waste sorting

Purpose: In the spring of 2020, the Danish football club AGF unveiled a new environmental responsibility and sustainability vision. After consultations with Sofie (Founder and CEO of Rethink Event), AGF decided to go ‘all-in’ on sustainability, which i.a. is reflected in the introduction of a complete waste sorting schemes at Ceres Park.

Solution: Based on Rethink Events experience from festivals and mega-events, coupled with a fair share of innovative thinking – and AGF’s waste management partners Johannes Sørensen og Sønner, we developed a waste sorting solution, which is now embedded in everyday life for the guest attending events at Ceres Park.

In order to define the best possible waste sorting scheme, it was deemed imperative to assess what types of waste was generated at Ceres Park. This was done through purchase behaviour analysis within the stadium. In collaboration with AGF, the following four fractions have been selected inside the stadium: Plastic cups, cardboard handles, food waste and residual waste. In addition, pant (bottle deposit) and residual waste are separated outside the stadium.

The waste sorting equipment has been developed to fit standard equipment (240l and 660l waste bins), which entails intuitive and easy integration for the operation of Ceres Park. The design is based on three factors: the solution must work in practice, it must have an aesthetically pleasing expression, and finally, it must be user-friendly and intuitive. It is these factors which underlines the final result. Within the design process, everything from colours, shapes and illustrations to dimensions, locking mechanisms and inclination, have been thoroughly considered.

Result: Rethink Event, in collaboration with Anne Jensen (head of Branding and Sustainability AGF A/S), completed a field test of the new waste sorting solution. By placing the sorting solution on strategic locations around the stadium it was made possible to gather data, and utilise the data towards continuous adjustments to the design of the waste sorting solution. Observations of the behaviour of attending guests provided insight into a positive and easy integration, with correct waste sorting as an outcome.

One issue found through observations was the insight that the guest within the stadium left their waste in the stands instead of carrying it to the nearest waste bins. To solve this challenge, communication material were developed. In collaboration with AGF, signs, video material and SoMe content were produced in order to communicate the new solution to AGF’s audience.

Through positive and engaging communication, AGF and Rethink Event observed a clear and positive progression from the prototype test match towards the launch a month later.